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WAEC Result Checker 2019

Want to check WAEC result 2019? See Naijaschoolinfo.com’s guide on how to check WAEC result 2019 on WAEC result checking portal

A lot of students have been asking me about how they can go about checking their WASSCE result for 2019. It’s either I refer them to WAEC result checker 2019 or I help them with it myself and it is taking much of my time. So today, I have decided to share on my blog a detailed tutorial on how to use the WAEC Result Checking portal.

West African Examination (WAEC) 2019 Result @ www.waecdirect.org Is Now Available

This is to bring to the notice of the general public that all Secondary school students who participated in the WAEC 2019/2020 examination can now proceed to check their WAEC 2019 result on WAEC Result Checking page for Private schools and Public schools.

The results are being uploaded batch by batch so you shouldn’t be bothered when you haven’t seen you result because they will upload it to WAEC result checker later on. What you need to do is to keep on checking the result page and checking your WAEC result if its out.

One thing you should know to avoid being scammed by Cafe guys is that; you do not need any purchase card or PIN number to be able to check your WAEC result. The result checking PIN and Serial Number can be found on the CIVAMPENS Card issued to all candidates who sat for WAEC.

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On the other hand, some schools have decided to collect this card from you knowing fully well that you might need it in the future to be able to access your result. They collected it because of one thing out of the reasons below:

1. They know you can misplace it, so the school is the perfect place to keep it.
2. They want to get money from you in exchange for the card you were given for free.

And if your school didn’t fall into this category or you can’t afford the fee your school tells you to bring, you can decide to purchase a scratch card to check WAEC result.

How Do I Checky My WAEC Result 2019

Follow the listed procedures below and see how you can check and print out your WAEC 2019 result.
– Visit any nearest Banks, Post Office, Authorized Dealers and WAEC office to buy WAEC scratch card
– Switch or Toggle on Your Mobile Data or still connect to a Wifi
– Visit WAEC result checking portal at http://www.waecdirect.org.
– Input your “WAEC Examination Number” in the box provided on the page. (center number plus seat number) e.g
– Select your Examination Year i.e. 2019.
– Select your Examination Type i.e. May/June
– Input your WAEC Card Serial Number.
– Input your WAEC Card PIN.
– Finally, click on “Submit” button to get your 2019 WAEC Result
– Click on “Ctrl + S” to save the page as PDF and print later on.

If you were not able to check your result, it is advisable you visit the cafe because once you used your card pin more than 5 times, you won’t b able to check again with it. And I am sure you wouldn’t what that to happen. If it does, you’ll have to buy a WAEC Scratch card to be able to check your result.

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How To check WAEC Result With Phone

To check your WASSCE result using a phone, follow the guidelines below:
1. Visit WAEC result checker page @ www.waecdirect.org
3. Open your Chrome browser
4. Click on settings, and enable desktop view
5. Fill in your WAEC Exam number and PIN
6. Fill in all other required details.
7. Follow the guidelines “ABOVE” and print out your result.

Boom! Congratulations to those that have an amazing result. And to those who are not happy with their performance, it is not the end of the world. There is still more to come. WAEC is just preparing you for the real challenge and you need to be strong in order to win.

And that is it for those that have been searching for “how to check WAEC result using a phone” on WAEC Result Checker 2019!
Should in case you have one or two questions for me? Feel free to use the comment box below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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