How To Check JAMB Examination Date And Center 2019 on JAMB Portal

how to check jamb 2019 exam center

Learn how to check JAMB 2019 centre and date of examination online on this page;

JAMB registration has commenced since January and over the last few weeks, those that have completed their registration have been asking me how do I check my JAMB exam center online, how to check jamb center and date of examination. Some are even be complaining that it is only their JAMB town that’s on their JAMB slip that they don’t know their JAMB examination center and are willing to know how to check.

Now that you’ve arrived at this page, I will show you a step-by-step procedure to check and print JAMB slip examination details such as the UTME location, date and time of your Examination for 2019/2020 JAM. How to check all these info will be discussed in details on this page.

Before we proceed to the reason why you are on this page, I want you to know that JAMB reprint does not cost any fee from JAMB as its free. So you will know if anyone is trying to SCAM you all in the name of checking your JAMB exam center. The only fee you might be paying might just be for the printing and photocopy of your UTME re-print which shouldn’t be more than 220naira.

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JAMB Re-Print: #200
Photocopy of JAMB Re-Print: #10
Total: #220

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JAMB 2019/2020 Examination Date And Center

A lot of JAMB students have been complaining about JAMB and don’t even know if the Joint Administration and Matriculation Board have started sending exam dates and center venue to candidates via email which will be commencing in March 2019.

Actually, JAMB gave the deadline for JAMB registration which is in March. So I think you can start checking your emails or JAMB portal for your examination date and center including time any moment from March 2019.

However, you visiting this page won’t be in vain, not at all.’s team lead will definitely update this page from time to time to keep you informed on when to start checking your E-mails for JAMB 2019 examination center and date. But for now, we are just going to take you through the procedures on how to print your JAMB examination details 2019.

Procedure On How To Check JAMB Centre And Date Of Examination

There are quite simple ways to check JAMB exam date and venue plus some important details about your JAMB exam with just your email address.
Its even easier because you can check your JAMB exam location with your email address or phone number or UTME registration number. Make sure you adhere to the procedures below and you’re fine.

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What You Need:

1. Your JAMB email address or REG. Number
2. An Internet Connection
3. A smart Phone with Chrome installed or your number browser functioning.
4. A PC/ Laptop is another option and is recommended to check and print JAMB slip.

How To Check My JAMB Centre Online Using JAMB Portal

Follow the guide below to successfully check your JAMB examination details.
1. I advise you use this method to check your jamb examination date, time and center as it only requires your UTME registration number or email. With this fast method, you do not need to wait for JAMB to send your 2019 JAMB exam details.

2. Visit JAMB official website for candidates by clicking:

3. Access the JAMB e-facility dashboard by logging in into your Jamb Profile with your email and password.

4. Click on reprint jamb slip on the designed menu in JAMB student dashboard.

5. Input your JAMB registration number correctly in the rectangular box provided and then click ‘Re-Print’.

Check JAMB 2019 Exam Details With Email Address

This is another option to check your JAMB location and time. What you will do here is log in to your email dashboard.
If your email address ends with, you should visit to login into your Google mail account.

If you’re using Yahoo, you should visit, to be able to access your JAMB 2019 reprint.
Note that, it is the email you used to register for JAMB 2019/2020 that you will go and check. In your mailbox, find and locate any emails from and then print out the PDF file that is attached to the mail. There you will find your UTME information containing your JAMB Exam Date and Center.

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You are required to print out this file because you will tender it at the gate of your exam center. Note that you are not to bring any materials such as Phones, wrist watches, books or face cap to the exam all.

With that promising article above, I think I have been able to calm you down a little that JAMB will still send you your JAMB exam date and center.

Should in case you have any question concerning this topic, “How To Check JAMB Examination Date And Center 2019“? Feel free to use the comment box below and I will reply as fast as possible.


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