List of Cheap Universities in Canada for International Students

cheap universities in canada

Find list of low tuition universities in Canada for International students 2019 – Cheap Universities in Canada

Have you been dreaming of ever studying in Canada and still pay low tuition fees? If yes, then this article which covers a list of low tuition and cheap Universities in Canada is definitely for you.

Before you can think of studying in Canada, there are some things you need to look at such as the cost of living in Canada, you need to evaluate why you need to study at a very cheap university in Canada and not applying for a Federal government scholarship sponsored by the Nigerian government.

However, we are not here to argue but first, let us take a look at why international students prefer to study in Canada and not Nigerian Universities.

Why Are Cheap Canadian Universities and Colleges Popular Among International Students?

To start with, Canada being a very fast growing and a developed country attracts international students due to the high rankings of Canadian universities and colleges. Universities such as University of Toronto, McMaster University, and University of British Columbia rival the Ivy Leagues and prestigious universities in the United Kingdom.
Meanwhile, the education movement in Canada is as good as anything you could think of and very much affordable compared to other developed countries like USA, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

Also, Canada, as we all know, is a very beautiful place with colorful habitats and awesome building structures. Places like Vancouver, Quebec, and Nova Scotia are famous tourist attractions which actually contribute to why International students choose Canada as their aimed University just to see a sigh view of all these wonderful places.

In addition, these cheap Canadian universities and colleges offer undergraduate, Master’s, and Ph.D. programs with extremely affordable tuition. You can also obtain top professional degrees like MBA and Medical Doctor by just paying affordable tuition fees.
This is indeed very awesome! What is it that can give you joy than paying a very low school fee in exchange for a world-renowned profession degree like MBA.

Universities in Canada With Cheap Tuition Fees

Have you been searching for cheap universities in Canada for masters in public health or have been looking forward to studying in a very cheap university in Alberta Canada? If Yes to all the questions I asked, then you can proceed below by viewing a list of all the cheap universities in Canada.

University Name Average Undergraduate Tuition (International) Average Graduate Tuition (International)
Brandon University $9,500 $6,000
Canadian Mennonite University $9,600 $5,600
Dominican University College $11,200 $16,800
Memorial University of Newfoundland $11,500 $5,000
Simon Fraser University $11,500 $2,500
University of Prince Edward Island $12,000 $10,000
University of Winnipeg $13,000 $12,000
University of New Brunswick $14,000 $7,000
University of St. Paul $14,000 $12,000
Southern Alberta Institute of Technology $14,000 $16,000
Mount Royal University $15,000 NA
King’s College University $15,700 NA
University of Manitoba $16,000 $11,000
Cape Breton University $16,000 $14,000
Athabasca University $17,500 $9,000
Acadia University $17,500 $16,000
Dalhousie University $18,000 $20,500
University of Saskatchewan $19,000 $7,500
Concordia University $19,500 $18,500
University of Alberta $24,000 $11,500
McMaster University $24,000 $16,000
University of Ottawa $26,000 $12,000

Cost Of Living In Canada as An International Student

Below is a breakdown of the cost of living in any State in Canada.

Bus fare One Way (local) $2.00 – $3.00
A average restaurant meal $10.00 – 25.00 per person
Movie Alone $8.50 – $13.00
Sedning of Letters within Canada $0.52
International Postage (letter) $1.55

One month’s lodging, one-bedroom apartment: $400 app.
Local telephone call: $0.25 Approx
Modest restaurant meal: lunch $7/dinner $14 Approx
Movie Alone: $11.50 – $13 Approx

Books & Supplies $ 1000 per year
Groceries $150 – $200 per month
Utilities & Sundry – $300 per month

Now that you’ve seen the list of low tuition universities in Canada. I am very sure, you have no other thought apart from preparing to fly abroad to study in Canada.

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