How To Pass WAEC With Ease Without Cheating

how to pass waec 2019
See a step by step guide on how to successfully pass WAEC with ease.

Want to excel in your WASSCE Examination? See our guide on how to pass WAEC 2019 with ease.

Passing your WAEC exam in one sitting would seem so easy if you can read this article till the end. Every concerned candidate desires to pass his/her WAEC exams in one sitting but unfortunately, not every of them get satisfactory result. Why? This is an example of the things we shall be looking at. The Senior Secondary School Certificate Examinations is at the corner and registration process has started.

If you’re a senior secondary school student, exams are important part not only of any class but also your final grade (SS3).

Preparing throughout the whole three years in school is the most effective way to do well in WAEC. Ultimately, there’s just no shortcut for knowing your materials. However, even if its the night before your WAEC and you’re feeling unprepared, don’t panic. There are plenty of things you can do to excellently pass your exam which I shall share with you.

Tips On How To Pass WAEC Successfully

Below are a list of what you need to do if you want to clear all your WAEC papers once and for all in 1 sitting.


There’s always a syllabus with the assignment handed out by the teacher. Ensure sure you make it your study guide. This will help you prioritize how much you need to study, and where to focus your attention rather than reading astray.


Either you attend a school or a tutorial session, you cannot successfully pass a class or exam if you don’t attend the class. This will allow you to hear vital lectures and take notes, it also help you understand your readings .


Every individual candidate learn differently, knowing the conditions under which you study best will help you most effectively learn and retain information that you need for your exam. Some prefer reading at night, some, otherwise. You need to understand your best study pattern.


If you really want to make a distinguished result in your upcoming WAEC examination, it’s advisable that you do not follow the crowd by having the general mentality that SSCE is difficult to pass in one sitting. Don’t be discouraged and determine that “yes, I can”.


This aspect of preparation is absolutely inevitable. Prior to your exams you’ll need to test yourself once in a while using past questions and other study materials.

Studying past questions helps you to identify the pattern and style in which WAEC requires answers to their questions. Failure to do so can attract failure. In addition, when you study past questions it is the best way to discover how prepared you are for Waec 2019. It is no longer a new thing that wave doesn’t set out new questions and answers.
In this connection, there’s every need for you to make good use of WAEC recommend textbook for study. Questions that come out are usually extracted from these textbooks. Study them and attempt the exercise provided.


Making study your habit is no crime as there is no boundary to it, it is never too early to start studying for your SSCE. But at the very least, a month before the exam date is barely enough for you to begin your preparations. This will ensure that you’re not cramming information from what you’ve read too close before your exam and then, forgetting it on the exam day.

Even as you begin your preparation today, you need to prioritize your study time. Figure out which subject are the most important and devote the most study time to them. By doing so, you’ll optimize your study time to help ensure that you pass your WAEC exams. Whatever you do with your time now determines how your result will look like. Avoid distractions and remain focus. “Time’s timely choice is to fly and take other people time”.


All these vital steps listed above can not work if you’re not confident in yourself. Be confident that you’re ready to sit for WAEC 2019 with an unquestionable result, even if you’ve been failing in the past. Having this confidence and visualizing yourself passing the exam will help you be successful. Have a possible mind set in actualizing your goal. Ensure you put in all your effort because it is worth it. Be courageous to always ask questions on what you don’t understand or what you find complicated pertaining to your subject and exam.

8) Another important thing is to work on your handwriting, If you have a bad and illegible handwriting, do work on it and make your handwriting become legible. It is very paramount.

9) Moreover, you need to work effectively on your speed and accuracy. Having speed in answering questions and answering them accurately earns you time to do very well in each paper. Do not neglect your speed and accuracy. How do I improve my speed and accuracy?, simple. Practice past questions and set a specific time for your start and finish and see how you’ve improved


Studying in groups or peers will definitely help you in understanding materials or topics that appears difficult. Every individual has different strength in studying and topics you might not understand, someone else is likely to. “Two heads are better than one”.


I’ll end in this note, whatever you do to pass your exam, do not cheat. Cheating, Expo or runs will guarantee not only that you’re likely to eventful fail in your WAEC exam but also, it could have other significant consequences such as distraught and unfulfilled of actual purpose. If by this time, you’re expecting any form of Expo and solely relying on them, I must say that you’re on your way to saddening failure. Believe in your self and pray to God.
I wish you the best in your Upcoming WAEC in 2019.

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Meanwhile, if you are having issues with Mathematics and you will also be sitting for this subject in WAEC. I know you’re scared but no need to worry as I have listed out the area of concentration in WAEC mathematics. Do make sure you study it well and work on your weaknesses.

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