List of JAMB Recommended Textbooks For Government 2019


Is Government among the list of the subject you will sit for in UTME this year? Do you need answers to the questions of “What JAMB Government textbook can I use to study?” Well, you’ve just arrived at the right page for you. JAMB recommended textbooks, these are simply textbooks that the Joint Admission Matriculation Board has considered useful for all candidates that will sit for its examination.

These are textbooks that have been cross-examined, verified and approved by JAMB board for the usage by UTME candidates in the course of their preparation and study. The need to become familiar with these recommended textbooks prior to the examination cannot be over-emphasized.

You might probably be using an entirely different “government textbook” in your course of study – thinking they are all the same but you’re wrong, my above definition of these recommended textbooks explains a lot about this. Just in case you still feel doubtful, Are you sure that the textbook you’re currently using is contentful enough if you aren’t using recommended ones?, if you’re not sure, then my candid advice for you is to stick to JAMB Government recommended textbooks and make judicious use of them.

The use of textbooks during the course of your preparation for any examination is simply one of the keys to success. In this article, I shall list out all the JAMB recommended textbooks for Government as well as their authors.
But before that, there must be sincerity of purpose, a sense of importance and commitment. How?


* That jamb recommended textbooks on government are easy to read and understand. Unlike some other textbooks, approved ones contain cogent preferences and other important subject matter that could be easily assimilated and comprehensively grooked.

* They contain a subject that covers the whole JAMB syllabus. These textbooks virtually covers the whole syllabus as you read. When you leave nothing behind while studying, your chances of coming across familiar questions in exam is absolutely sure.

* To be labeled as ‘Jamb recommended’ simply means they’ve been checked, examined, and approved by the board – they’ve been seen to meet the standard of the examination.

* And finally, needless to say, all UTME questions on government are being extracted from these preferred textbooks only. Any digression from these may only help you study astray.

List of JAMB Recommended Textbooks for Government 2019

Below are the recommended textbooks that have been cross-examined and see to be good that will get you a high score in JAMB if used adequately.

1) Adigwe,F (1985) Essential of governments for West africa, Ibadan university press plc.

2) Anifowose, A. and Enemuo F.C (1999) elements of politics, Lagos mathouse press limited.

3) Appadorai A. (1978) the substance of politics, London Oxford university press.

4) Ball A.R (1983) Morden politics and government, London Macmillan.

5) Ofeegbu R. (1977) Government for the certificate year; London :George Allen and unwin.

6) Olawale J.B (1987) New topics on ordinary level development, Illesha, Jola publishing.

7) Oyediran,O. Nwosu H., Takaya B., Anifowose R., Femi B., Godwill O. and Adingun A. (1990) Government for senior secondary schools, book 1, 2 and 3, Ibadan; Longman.

8) Oyeneye I., Onyenwenu M., and Olusunde B.E (2000) Round up government for senior secondary school certificate examination. A complete guide, Ibadan:Longman.

9) Oyobare S., Ogunna, A.E.C, Amuchezi E.C, Coker, H.O, and Oshuntuyi O. (2001) countdown to senior secondary certificate examination: Government, Ibadan; Evans.

Now that you’ve been told these JAMB Government recommended books, what else are you waiting for? A couch to sit back on? Certainly not. Start your study today, it’s not too late.

Thomas Robert Gaines once said “It’s good to dream, but it is better to dream and work. Faith is mighty but faith with action is mightier. Destiny is helpful, but the desire to work is invincible”.

If government is among your compiled subject for JAMB this year and you desire to ascertain a minimum score of 300+, make judicious use of these recommended textbooks within the limited range of time that you have and UTME 2019 will definitely become a piece of cake served in a platter of gold.

Should in case you have any question concerning the topic, “list of JAMB Recommended Textbooks for Government“? Don’t hesitate to use the comment box below.

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